About current situation with Covid and Vaccination.

When the Government tells me something is good for my health I most certainly know it isn't and when gov together with big pharm corporations start forcing me for some vaccination I know for sure there is genocidal agenda behind this and I am on full alert. On photo the stupid line up to die as they willingly are poisoned.

I was checking statistics on official Covid sites. Graphs shows death from Covid in Israel and Germany. The curve goes up all the time, both for cases and the death and by now at those countries are vaccinated 70- 90 percent of population. So the question is why to continue this mass vaccination if matter only get worse? or maybe matter gets worse because they continue with vaccination?


In the photo liquidators are going to work on the site of the destroyed reactor in Chernobyl. In spring 1986 there was the same brainwashing government propaganda, telling everyone they are safe to go to work to Chernobyl. They succeeded in collecting more than half million workers, using the same method as they do now, firing people from their work, intimidating them. In a couple of years half of them died. The rest were tied to bed, in hospitals and have been dying over the next decade, while the official death toll of the Chernobyl accident is still 31.

None of the brands of so-called vaccines, are actually "vaccines". A vaccine is an agent similar to the micro-organism that causes an illness. What is being injected is an experimental transgenic serum of metallic nanoparticles. I believe they do it with the purpose of reprogramming our immune system to make those who survive depend on new vaccines. I already heard about 4 persons who didn't survive vaccination. They are relatives or friends of friends who died shortly after vaccinations of heart related problems. Of course this never reported in totally controlled mainstream media and millions of pages and videos on Covid Vaccination being deleted from social media. So we'll never know death toll from this vaccination.

Mass crimes has been committed throughout all history. What new with the present situation is that there has been a common push for Covid around the entire world. It is not just any one single government. So, the all previous atrocities appears like preparations for main event that we living today.

Hospitals receive money from the government and from Covid industry for the amount of dead, not for cured patients, so hospital administration not interested in keeping good professional doctors in hospitals, thus most deaths from Covid caused by incompetence of doctors. If some doc will figure out the way to treat Covid patients they will be fired, likewise if some medicine works it will be banned, because TV needs a big picture of body bags. The more body bags the greater is government control over people and especially over the economy. The whole thing is about control.

As a result now businesses depend on the government, hard working people depend on parasites now and it is government parasites officials who decide now who will work and who will be locked down and of course their friends- big money corporations will work and their competitor's small businesses will be destroyed. They destroy the economy, but governments do not care about the economy. They would rather have a ruined economy under total control than to have a healthy economy out of their control.

What can we do? Whatever it takes, just don't let them inject poison to your blood. I personally quit my work as soon as they started demanding vaccination. No way I will ever be one of those nameless and countless guinea pigs who soon will go to graves like beds. I saw this after Chernobyl when funeral marches have been playing in my neighborhood every week.

Many ask now when this all will end. I know it will never end, once freedom is lost with no fight it can not be regained with no fight. Remember, no fight, no freedom and now no fight, no life.

Elena Filatova November 2021


An excerpt from the book "Sevastopol Passion. S.N. Sergeev-Tsensky ... "In 1828 there was no plague in Sevastopol, but there was a quarantine. For prevention in 1829 there was no plague either, but the quarantine was tightened. Everyone who wanted to leave the city or enter it had to stay in total isolation from 14 to 19 days. People stopped traveling and there were supply interruptions. Money was allocated from the tsarist treasury to fight the epidemic, resulting in officials buying food at inflated prices from suppliers for kickbacks. The officials kept the best for themselves and gave the worst food to the townspeople.

Naturally, everyone who profited from the epidemic, primarily officials and doctors, was interested in the continuation of this deception. All cases of illness from any disease were declared as plague cases.

"The Quarantine Office tries to show all ordinary diseases as plague," wrote Rear Admiral Salti, who was serving in Sevastopol at that time. Admiral Greig testified: "For 5 months people did not hear that they were sick and die of natural death, and whoever got sick at work or at home was declared for the plague." All the sick were taken to the barracks at Pavlovsky Mysok, where they were kept in such conditions that they quickly died.

In the poorest areas of the city, chlorine disinfection was used. The townspeople were also "treated" / poisoned with chlorine. At the same time, the "disinfectants" received 2.5 rubles a day - 75 rubles a month, subject to daily work. Quarantine commissioners - 5 rubles each, the head physician and quarantine inspector - 10 rubles a day. The initial salary of an ordinary military doctor at that time was 171 rubles a year.

To increase the incidence of diseases, doctors arranged sea baths in cold water for residents.

As a result, in June 1830, the inhabitants of the poorest districts of the city would not tolerate it any longer and rebelled, the garrison sided with the rebels. The crowd tore the governor, his officials and doctors to pieces. The uprising was quickly suppressed, but the "epidemic" in Sevastopol, by an amazing coincidence, immediately stopped.


We humans used to survive on our own for millions of years, so I am sure smarter folks will survive this and other mass vaccinations, all one needs to survive is to think widely, be capable of judgement and analysis. Those who believe in authorities will perish. It is something of a culling. It will weed out a lot of people who were made stupid, it will weed out the people incapable of independent thought. I guess it has always been true, that it is a question of "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST"... and I think "the fittest" refers not only to physical condition, but also to the mental capacity of the individual and their instinct of self preservation for their own selves and for their families.

November, 19 2021


Saw in the news today such headlines. "93%-Vaccinated Ireland Has Gone Back Into 'Partial Lockdown', Including Midnight Curfew.." The goal will always be to reawaken Covid crisis to be locking things down again, they will do it to not lose control over the economy. So, in Ireland they will blame the 7% unjabbed population. In Israel where most have received 4 shots by now they will blame unjabbed and those who received only two shots..., and by the way in Israel those who received two shots will have the same status as those who are completely unvaccinated.

The Covid vaccine is the only medical treatment in history where its utter failure is blamed on those who didn't take it. No one cares they are completely useless, harmful and counterproductive, no one cares they aren't even vaccines, all blaming those who didn't catch up with taking new versions of the vaccine. So, what is going to happen in two-three years from now? Bill Gates and Co. will count profit and ultra-vaxxed society will be experiencing an uncontrollable surge in the virus and death. It will never end and they will expect booster after booster, those who took all 18 vaccines will blame those who only had 15, but the refrain of government leaders will remain the same simplistic "solutions": more restrictions, more vaccines, less freedom.

November, 20 2021


Fauci Says Babies, Toddlers Eligible For COVID Jabs In Q1 2022.

In 2021 The cult of child sacrifice is alive and well. I wonder how many moms will be willing to donate their babies for the experiment, which looks more like satanic ritual to me.

It's been said if you let the devil ride in your car eventually he will want to drive. This is what it looks like when the devil wants to take the wheel. Let crocodile bite your finger and it will pull you under the water, but let them try young moms and I am sure they will break their teeth.


Lockdowns provide great cover for the criminal act of vaccination, the crime of vaccination provides the excuse for the lockdown. The ultimate efficient genocide machine. It was built and tested in 2020-2021, now it is set to work and the death conveyor will start moving. At first slow, then faster and faster,.. I saw it in Chernobyl where I travelled for 20 years. People still lived there and no one realized that the genocide was taking place right in front of them. It was like, we are not dead! we are not dead! and then in a few years I come to that place and I see everyone is dead. The same I see now, no one paid attention when they came up with an agenda and vaccinated telling the same- we are not dead! we are not dead! but I already know the rest of the story. I saw it many, many times. It was like the human race just started disappearing without being aware of it.

November 21, 2021


Read in the news today- Australian Army Begins Transferring Covid Positive Cases Contacts Quarantine Camps.

Two years ago I thought of Australia as one of the best places to live and now it makes North Korea look like a model of civil society. This is the fastest downfall to the level of a despotic police state we've seen. It's like you're going to sleep in a free state and wake up in Orwellian Oceania.

Meanwhile in Africa lucky fellows have no problems with Covid with less than 4% vaccinated. For now they are lucky, but ten years from today, the world is going to be a totally different place, with massive death taking-off millions - billions? - of humans from various ailments, all caused by the deadly VACCINE.

That is the PLAN. At this point, there is nothing to be done. The plan has been executed, and continues to be executed, and no argumentation is going to put a stop to it.

Australia is a sample of what awaits the world - but the death-rate increase has yet to manifest itself.

November 22, 2021


Last weekend there were massive protests erupt in many countries of Europe against vaccination and Covid tyranny. In recent history only color revolutions have been successful, like in Ukraine 2004/2014, Georgia 2003... and those protests were organized on money of Soros, etc, exactly the sponsors of a color revolutions were the same people and organizations who now financed Covid industry. Uprisings against this power will only work if they will be really massive, for that we have to make people aware. This is extremely difficult because search engines don't see our materials. All mainstream media, all big tech social media against us, celebs only recommend keeping social distance and taking shots and every blogger with a large audience will support vaccination or avoid talking on this subject, otherwise they will be out of platforms. So, the only way to spread true information is from friend to friend, from father to son, from husband to wife.. this works here in Ukraine. None of my family or friends are vaccinated. Well, perhaps we can't change this world, but at least we can change our lives. No one can take it from us.

I see time is coming when it will be challenging to survive, but no matter how bad this time will be, always follow wise people, they will find the way out. Stick with streetwise, intelligent people and you will live.. go with the flow and you will perish, this is how it is going to be from now on. To go with the flow has been the rule for most, but now game changing and NOT to go with the flow will be the motto of future generations because the flow is heading straight to the slaughterhouse.

November 22, 2021


From a letter to a friend.

About this vaccination. You and I, we both had this foreboding, ominous thoughts about the future, this was even in our correspondence 5 years ago, 2 years ago we knew that something was coming. I remember you told me 15 years ago that one day the world will see the event of 1000' Chernobyls. These were your words. I remember this very well, because I was impressed with your prediction and I thought it only could be full scale nuclear war with bombing of all nuclear installations around the world. But, now I see we are no longer in danger of a nuclear war. Who needs nuclear war if people line up to get poisoned voluntarily? I actually believe that there will be no more wars on this planet in the next decades. War is nature's way to contain population growth and now Mother Nature can take rest as big Pharma is running the show. Did you notice today there are no active war zones, all frozen conflicts and there is no aggression.. only sabre rattling. All wars stopped in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, here in Ukraine all quiet on Eastern Front. There was bloodshed in Karabakh in summer, but it ended soon. So, people in former war zones are now lucky, they are no longer cannon fodder, only a syringe fodder now, like everyone else in the world.

I think those days we live now will be remembered till the end of the time, like we still remember about Noah Biblical Flood. The days when the world has become a syringe fodder!!

November 23, 2021


In Germany, the Head of the Chemnitz Clinic, Dr Thomas Jendges, committed suicide saying he no longer wants to be part of the Genocide happening vis the COVID-19 Vaccine. I saw his video which later was deleted so I didn't save it. Dr Thomas Jendges left suicide note which he asked to be published, but criminals from Federal Government were first to get it.

One got to have the nerve for killing people. In WW2 those machine gunners, snipers who were killing too many often couldn't stand it and committed suicide by shooting themselves, just from seeing the amount of enemy soldiers they were killing. If they didn't put their lives, then after war no one of them could live a happy life. They either became alcoholics or had big mental problems or commited suicides later in life. This is like punishment is included in a crime. Those who provide mass vaccination now will have a nightmare of life which often they will end by themselves.

The thought of suicide comes creeping when terrors of life come to outweigh the terrors of death. Who could doubt that Vaccination Genocide will provide all mankind with mega-terrors lurking up a blind alley.. gentle souls like Dr Thomas Jendges just not cut out for this business, so they first to go, but give it a time and the others will follow.

November 23, 2021


In Sweden they want for people herd immunity, in the rest of the world they only want herd mentality


The vaccine is not for covid. Covid is for the vaccine.


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There are disturbing reports of the explosion of cancers and other illnesses, it looks like a direct result of the mRNA injections suppressing and degrading the natural immune system, vaccines do disrupt the cells' mechanisms to repair DNA damage (thereby giving rise to cancers) they destroy 90% of the immune system's ability to repair DNA damage. The vaccines' effect on the immune system is to disparage the CD8/NK T-Cells, which destroys the body's ability to fight cancer, including the cancers caused by the vaccines.

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in hospitals, there are no respiratory issues of few months ago ... now they are seeing brain issues, strokes and clots. as the nurse below says I never seen in my career this high number of young people sick and I cannot explain it. the only explanation i can think of is that people got vaccinated. none is reporting what is going on ... check out podcast

new study from Germany shows that the more you vaccinate the more people get killed.

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